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About Us_
Welcome to CALL-A-TEK LLC, a Technical Services company offering affordable, professional technical consulting for home, small to medium business that do not have a need for a full time IT person on their payroll. A one stop "Virtual IT" service company, offering on call / as needed IT Services. Available 24/7 365, onsite or remotely. 

I take pride that we are not just another technical consulting company. What sets CALL-A-TEK LLC apart is our ability to establish long lasting relationships, fast respond times, affordability and problem solving. 

We work with you on resolving and preventing any issues, before they affect you or your business. We have been building partnerships since 2000 throughout California. Our customer base ranges from Home users, Hotels, Restaurants, Department of Defense contractors , Interior Designers, Credit card processing, Online retailers, Meat packing company, Doctors/Chiropractor Offices, Airline food kitchen, Law offices and Linen Services to name a few.

Dont take our word for it, see what our customers think of us in Yelp

​Give us a call today and see how we can help you 833-264-1114
Gus Papagno
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